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Beverage Tractor,

After dealing with XXXX and putting up with their arrogant attitude for years, I was initially reluctant to give up my Kubota tractor and make the trip to Stuarts Draft to check out your dealership when I needed to update my tractor. However after finally looking at your tractors and experiencing you and your staff's courteous and knowledgeable help I'm pleased that I made the switch to Beverage Tractor.

My recent purchase of a Kioti tractor has certainlty been a pleasurable experience. The tractor surpasses even your promises! The power, responsive handling, and ease of operation will keep me in a Kioti seat for a long time to come.

You can surely add me to your growing list of happy Beverage Tractor customers.

Thank You

Parmer Bradley,   Bradley Insurance Services 1427 North Augusta Street Staunton, VA 24402


Great people to work with!!

 Rob McElwee,  Bath County Lawn Service, Hot Springs, VA


I was worried when Dayton equipment closed and was telling a friend of mine I didn't know what I was going to do. He told me about Don Davis at Beverage Tractor. Now my friend lives in Winchester and also has a landscaping and mowing business with Exmark machines and he told me about the service he received from Don on his tractor and I am thinking he is a 100 miles away and doing business with Beverage Tractor so I called Don Davis tonight, what a guy. Yes I do believe service sells itself and Don Davis now has a another new customer. The greatest part is he can be reached anytime day or night and for me that is going the extra mile...I am going to pass on to all of my friends to call Don. Just wanted to say thanks to Don Davis service manager at Beverage Tractor a great guy and a new friend George  
By: George    Harrisonburg, VA


We would like to wish Don Davis service manager a wonderful and merry christmas. Looking forward to during business in the new year,,, your friends tractor supply
By: tractor    Hagerstown, MD


My wife and I were out shopping in Charlottesville and I received one of your flyers on my truck. I was amazed to see a night and weekend phone number. Does anyone really do this? I have two Kubota tractors and two RTV's on my horse farm so I called the number late Tuesday night just to see if someone would answer and yes, Don Davis was polite and very kind answer all of my questions. The local dealer where I purchased these items are not this helpful. I called Don tonight and asked when he could start picking up my equipment and he asked about picking up on the weekend which is great for me. The best part is I not only get to speak with the service manager but I get to meet him in person. That is customer service without me leaving the farm. Don told me there is no better company than Beverage Tractor and I believe that. Thanks Beverage Tractor for good people like you and Don Davis. Happy Holidays Tim
By: Tim    Keswick, VA


Would like to say thank you. I purchased a new Kubota tractor in July and when I called the dealer where I purchased this tractor I received no help whatsoever and I became upset with my new purchase. I was told by a friend to call Beverage Tractor and talk with Don Davis and after telling him my disappointment and my anger he found a way to make everything ok and talked me through all of my problems and was a completly honest man. My only problem  is I wish I would have waited and purchased this tractor from Beverage. Please extend my many thanks to Don Davis. I am a new customer and I will have Don pick up my tractor for the 50 hour service. Once again, thanks for folks like Beverage Tractor and Don Davis. Best wishes and a safe holiday. Gary "
By: Gary    Lexington, VA


I just wanted to drop a thank you note to your service manager Don Davis. I have been dealing with a local dealer but until today when my equipment failed and no one to call, one neighbor told me he used Don two weeks ago and gave me his card. I could not believe it when I called this morning, on a Sunday, and he answered. I told him my problems and he came over and helped me out. Don Davis was wonderful, what a gentlemen and very smart also. Beverage Tractor and Don Davis have a new customer. My hats off to a wonderful experience with a fine company. Truly happy, Sandy"
By: Sandy    Charlottesville, VA